Oct 1, 2009

Template for a blog entry on "Race Matters"

Please find below a brief worksheet for blog entries on “Race Matters.” This worksheet is only a suggestion, and is designed to help guide you when writing a blog entry for yourself/your client. Please note that you are also more than welcome to discuss ideas/thoughts or policy issues that may not be spelled out in the worksheet. Thank you for contributing to Race Matters! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the worksheet, please write to fahed@adc.org


• Name (or fictitious name)
• Country of Origin/Nationality
• Degrees
• Profession
• Marital Status
• Where do you/does your client currently live?


• Family ties in the US: please include name (or fictitious name), age and relationship
• Community ties in the US
• Length of Residence in the US


• When and how did you/your client hear about the NSEERS program?
• Where did you/your client live during the implementation of the program?
• When did you/your client register under NSEERS? Was the registration at a port of entry or a local immigration office?
• Did you/your client have an immigration attorney at the time he registered or for any other reason?
• Did you/your client register on time? If not, did you/your client go through late registration? Where? Which USCIS/ICE district office? Please explain the process.
• If you/your client registered late, which office made the decision about your registration? What were the result and reasoning behind such decision?


• Have you applied for an immigration benefit since you entered the US? Please explain
• Have you been denied an immigration benefit based on noncompliance with NSEERS? Please explain
• If you have been denied a benefit, has the basis for your denial been based on a “willful” failure to register? Who made the decision and one what date?


please note that when sharing your entry or story with the co-hosts of “Race Matters,” you are giving permission to have the information provided posted on the blog and used for advocacy purposes.